Read this info first!
(or suffer the consequences)

We have THREE different tours that run on the Big Pink Bus, each hosted by different performers:

1) The Original Tour is hosted by Sheri Lynn & Brenda Kay, the Jugg Sisters.

2) Pip's Music Row Confidential Tour is hosted by Pip.

3) The Ben & Morey Tour is hosted by Ben & Morey.

Read about ALL of the tours before booking your reservation!

  • No Bachelorette parties on any tour. If we learn that you're a bachelorette party, you will be charged a $20-per-head penalty fee.

  • Tours are posted about three months out. See How Early Can I Book My Seats? for each month's posting schedule, and official dates we'll be closed.

  • If no tour appears on a date you want (within the next 3 months), we are closed that day.

  • Deposits for seats booked by accident are not refundable.

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