If you have a question that isn't answered below, email beth@nashtrash.com

About Reservations

What's the tour price?

The Jugg Sisters tour price is $38 for anyone age 15-65, and $35 for Seniors age 65 and over. ALL seats for both Pip's Music Row Confidential Tour and The Ben & Morey Tour are $33. Be sure to select either Adult OR Senior for each person, not both. Be sure you know which tour you're booking!

The price doesn't cover a tip for your driver, but TN sales tax is included.

Who is not allowed on the tours?

  • NO children under 15 (this includes infants): These are very adult-oriented tours. Other guests might not feel comfortable drinking in front of your kids, and the space is too small for you to hold a baby.

  • NO bachelorette parties: See more details below, and please don't promise us your group is different from all the rest.

  • NO pets: Certified service animals only.

  • NO reserved seating: Boarding is by order of arrival, so if you want to sit with/near others in your party arrive about 30 minutes early.

How do I book a tour and pay?

All seats must be reserved through our Book A Tour page. You’ll pay a $3 non-refundable deposit for each seat when you book the reservation. The rest of your payment is due when you arrive at the bus on tour day:

  • Cash is faster and easier. We accept only ONE card per reservation. If paying separately, everyone must pay their own amount due in cash. If you book a group reservation, you must collect the $3 deposit from other guests.

  • If you pay the balance with a credit card, you'll be charged an additional 3% service fee.

  • The tour price does not include a gratuity for your driver (or for Pip, or Ben & Morey on their tours).

  • Deposit paid for seats canceled later will not be credited to the remaining reservation.

After you book your reservation, you'll see a confirmation on-screen and our system also will send you a confirmation email. The confirmation email will have all tour details, including an emergency contact number for tour day. Be sure to check your spam/junk after booking the tour if you don't see the email in your in-box. And if you still don't see anything, send an email to beth@nashtrash.com and she can check on your booking.

How long does a tour last and are there any stops?

This is a ride-along tour. We take a short stop at the halfway point, for a bathroom/beverage break, but you don't have to get off the bus. All tours last about two hours, but actual time depends on downtown traffic. Friday afternoon tours can be delayed even further as all the downtown workers try to scramble out of the city. This is a leisurely experience, so just plan to relax and have fun!

How early can I book a tour?

Each month's schedule goes live at 2pm Central Time, on the first Wednesday of the month about three months earlier (unless that day is a holiday). We do not guarantee any tour date/time before the posting day. Here is the posting schedule for 2018:

  • January 2019: posts on October 3

  • February: November 7

  • March: December 5

  • April: January 2, 2019

  • May: Feb 6

  • June: March 6

  • July: April 3

  • August: May 1

We are closed on most Mondays and major holidays. We will also be closed on the following dates:

  • June 4-11: NO tours, closed for CMA Fest

  • July 1-6: No Jugg Sisters Tours

  • August 10-31: No Jugg Sisters Tours; MRC runs 11am Monday-Friday, Ben & Morey Tour runs 11am Saturday & Sunday.

  • Sept 1 - Nov 16: No Ben & Morey Tours

  • Nov 2-10: No Jugg Sisters Tours

  • Nov 11-14: Closed for CMA Awards

  • Nov 22-23: Closed for Thanksgiving

  • December 24-25: Closed for Christmas

  • December 29-31: Closed for New Year's Eve

We run a limited schedule in January and February, but here is our usual tour schedule March–December (with noted exceptions):

  • Jugg Sisters Tour: 11am Tuesday-Saturday

  • Ben & Morey Tour: 2pm on Saturday

  • Music Row Confidential Tour: 2pm Friday; 11am and/or 2pm on Sunday

  • ALL of July: Jugg Sisters 11am Tour Monday-Friday, Ben & Morey Tour 11am Saturday, MRC 11am Tour Sunday.

Waiting list details

You can place yourself on the waiting list for a tour. Guests with reservations must cancel 7 days before the tour to avoid cancellation fees, so seats most often become available 7-10 days before the tour (but it can happen anytime). Note: each tour only allows 10 wait-listed seats. If the waiting list is already full, please do not email Beth because the odds aren't very good that you'll get on a tour. But...

We DO sometimes have no-shows on tour day. To get on the Stand-By list on tour day, come to the bus at least 30 minutes before a tour. Knock on the bus door, and ask to be placed on the Stand-By List. If you're first in line, you can get any seats that aren't taken after the bus loads. The Waiting List does not apply on tour day. Even if you already have seats or are on the waiting list, you must be first at the bus to get any no-show seats!

How do I view, change, or cancel my reservation?

To view or cancel an entire booking, use the link in your confirmation email. To change a reservation, send an email to beth@nashtrash.com. Note how many Adult or Senior seats you no longer need, or the new desired time/date, and she will update your reservation if seats are available. Deposits are non-refundable, and deposits paid for canceled seats are not applied to the remaining reservation.

Note:  You can cancel any booking up to 3 hours before the tour, but there are cancellation fees:

  • More than 7 days before your tour = $3 per-seat deposit already paid is non-refundable, but no additional fees

  • Less than 7 days before the tour = 50% of the balance due

  • Less than 4 days = 75% of the balance due

  • Less than 2 days, or you're a no-show at tour time = 100% of the balance due

Does NashTrash ever cancel a scheduled tour?

Sometimes. We normally send out any cancellation alerts by email; however, it is absolutely critical that you provide a tour day phone number in case there's an emergency and we need to reach you. (If you don't have a cell, be sure to check your email on tour day.)

We rarely cancel a tour, but sometimes there are circumstances we can't control:

  • There are no understudies for our tours, so there may be personal emergencies that requires us to cancel or switch a tour.

  • We have only one Big Pink Bus, and if she breaks down, we can't run the tour.

  • The bus is fully enclosed and tours run in almost all weather conditions except ice or extreme heat. If the streets are not safe in winter, or if the heat index rises above 100º in the summer, we will contact you at least two hours before your tour if we must cancel.

  • Due to the cost of running each tour, there must be at least 20 seats reserved. It rarely happens, but if we fail to get at least 20 people, the tour must be canceled.

If we have to cancel your tour, you will receive a full refund for any deposit you've paid.

Do you sell gift certificates?

You can buy Vouchers good for tours on the Gift Certificates page.They're good from one year from the date of purchase and are applied when booking a reservation!

Why no bachelorette parties? 

The No-Bachelorettes Rule was implemented after years of bad experiences. The person booking the tour doesn't often know the other women very well, and things quickly get out of hand on the bus. The "I'm the wildest" attitude seems to come out when competing for the bride’s attention, and those who promise their group's best behavior are the worst offenders! 

We can't keep you from reserving your seats, but if the guides or any other customers get any hint of a bachelorette celebration, you will be charged an additional $20 per person. (This penalty also applies to any group who won't allow other guests to enjoy the show.)

For a fun bachelorette activity, we instead recommend Ryan at Really Entertaining Tours; he does a kickass Bachelorette Bar Crawl! You can choose from his Day Drinkin' tour, or the Nash Nights Bar Crawl. Or if you're lookin' for a party bus for a bunch of folks, check out Kooter Ray's Party Bus!


When You're on the Bus

Can I bring food and drinks?

Food is not allowed on the bus...repeat: DO NOT BRING FOOD.

You may bring a beverage in a non-breakable cup, but coolers are not allowed on the bus.

What are the Big Pink Bus rules?

  • THE CARDINAL RULE: This is show, not a party bus. We want everyone to have fun, but if other guests are unable to hear, you'll be warned that you're breaking The Cardinal Rule. After three warnings, we can escort your party off the bus immediately, and/or will charge your card an additional $20 per person fee. Before booking seats, you will confirm that you understand and accept this policy.

  • Keep cell phones on vibrate; do not text or take calls during a tour.

  • No large hats and feather boas.

Can I reserve seats?

The tour is general admission and there's no reserved seating. The bus is loaded in order of arrival time, so if you want to sit with/near someone, be sure to get there at least 30 minutes early.

Is the bus temperature comfortable?

Tours run year-round and the Big Pink Bus is climate-controlled, but keep in mind that she's just a rolling metal can...even our air conditioner struggles to keep up on really hot summer afternoons!

Is there a place to store luggage while on a tour?

No. Please make arrangements to store your luggage elsewhere while on the tour.

Is the bus wheelchair accessible?

The Big Pink Bus is an old school bus and does not have wheelchair access (or a restroom). We do put a stool out on the ground to help with that first big step. If you can make it up regular stairs with some help, and can sit in a bus seat for two hours, you’ll be fine for the tour.

Is there a restroom on the bus?

No. Please use the facilities inside the Farmers Market House before boarding, and there will be a pitstop halfway through the tour.

Do you rent the Big Pink Bus for other events or transportation?

No. The Big Pink Bus is used only for our tours. 


About Private Tours

How do I reserve a private tour?

Our tour calendar is determined three months in advance. It's based on driver and performers availability, so we don't add extra times for private tours except during January and February. Private tours are reserved just like all other tours. But if you want the entire bus for your group alone, there are few things to consider:

1) There is no per-person price because you are reserving the entire bus for a flat fee. When booking, you'll just reserve "1" seat for the whole tour.
2) The maximum capacity is 40 guests. Although you don't have to fill every seat, there must be at least 25 people in your group when you board the bus on tour day.

The total price for the Jugg Sisters tour is $1,650. Pip's Music Row Confidential and The Ben & Morey Tour are both $1,500. These Private tour prices are all-inclusive, and cover sales tax and all gratuities. You will pay a 10% non-refundable deposit when booking, which is credited on the total price. If you cancel for any reason after you confirm the reservation, this deposit will not be refunded.

To book a private tour:

  • Find an available date/time on our calendar with no seats filled.

  • Email beth@nashtrash.com to verify that you wish to book a private tour.

  • She will create a private tour for you, which you can then reserve.

  • We cannot guarantee any tour more than 3 months in advance; however, you can email Beth a few weeks before that tour month's posting date to express your interest in a private tour.

What if I don't have 25 people in my group?

Trust us: a half-empty bus is not a fun experience for you or the performers. If you reserve a private tour, there must be at least 25 people in your party when you arrive at the bus. If you don’t have at least 25, you must cancel enough seats at least 7 days before your tour, so other guests can book them. If you book the entire bus and arrive with fewer than 25 people, your tour will be canceled and you will be charged the full tour price.

What if I have more than 40 people in my group?

The Big Pink Bus only holds 40 and we don't do tours on other vehicles. Large groups must be divided; or, if you want the Jugg Sisters to give y'all a little taste of NashTrash, they can also appear at your event. Their 20-30 minute NashTrash comedy routine is $1,500-$2,000, based on your group's size, and can be booked by emailing Beth directly.

Can you pick up my group at another location?

For an additional $100 transport fee, we can pick up and/or drop off a private tour at another location, but the location must be inside the downtown interstate loop (the Opryland Hotel area isn't even close). Please contact Beth before adding that service to your tour. Transports are offered only for private tours. If you book seats on a public tour, you must come to the Market.