The Jugg Sisters also recommend...

Favorite Place to Get Married

  • The Big Pink Bus! You went to Jared, you asked that special someone to marry you, and they said Yes...and now all you need is a venue and someone to officiate your nuptials! Look no further, because Brenda Kay is legally ordained and licensed to perform marriages in Tennessee. So hop on the bus and say, "I do" in front of total strangers or a group of your besties. All are welcome...we don't care who you marry, as long as you mow your damn lawn. ❤️

Favorite Restaurants

  • Germantown Café - great lunch/dinner place near us.

  • Von Elrod's Beer Garden & Sausage House - fresh sausages made in-house, beer from 36 taps...what else can we say?

  • Etch - fine dining...awesome food.

  • 312 Pizza Company - best Chicago deep dish pizza EVER, including Chicago.

  • Monell's - all you can eat Southern family style breakfast/lunch...have a seat and make a friend!

  • Yazoo Brewing Company - Home of Yazoo beer, the best microbrew in the South! Tour the brewery, have a few samples and snacks in their tap room.

  • Burger Republic - This joint is locally owned & operated, and Trip Advisor says their Tennessee Burger is one of the Ten Best in the whole USA! The tator tot fondue is amazing, and those boozy milkshakes? The Frozen Black Irish Shake made with Bailey’s and house-infused espresso vodka is our manager Beth’s favorite.

Favorite Entertainment (besides us)

  • Doyle and Debbie - if you're here on a Tuesday night, call NOW. It's the funniest dang thing in Nashville besides us...tell Jason (the cute Brit who takes reservations) the NashTrash Girls sent ya!

  • Newest NashTrash hosts Ben & Morey also host the best late-night talk show in town! These guys are hilarious as they host a live, hour-long variety show on Thursday nights, which features their house band, opening bits, and engaging interviews with the most famous Nashvillians (including us). We love them so much, we gave them their own tour on our Big Pink Bus!

  • Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum - The Original tour takes a pitstop, but you want to see the whole shebang. Add the RCA Studio B tour to your itinerary, too!

  • The "Real" Parthenon - Ours is complete, not like that old one in Athens. You gotta see if for yourself, and find out why it's here!

  • Frist Art Museum - 'cause it's ART, y'all. They have Monets, Manets, ketchup...and if you're visiting from out of town and have a hotel key card, admission is free!

  • Your Nashville Navigator - If you're overwhelmed with options or just need help planning all your activities, CMT veteran Leeanne Lisk and her team know all the ins-and-outs of this town, and will make sure you get the most out of your stay!

Favorite Places to Stay

  • If you're coming with several folks, book one of the Music City Suites. There are five units that sleep anywhere from 4-10 people, and they're in the heart of downtown Nashville, so you can stumble home from Honky Tonk Row.

  • For a higher-end experience, book a night at the Union Station Hotel or the Hermitage Hotel...those are our favorite swanky spots in town. (Handy hint: down here it's called the "HERM-a-tidge")

Favorite Other Tours (besides us)

  • Walkin' Nashville - Bill DeMain's encyclopedic knowledge of country, pop and rock history can't be beat. He shows you the real reasons for Music City USA's reputation, and he's the perfect match for our crazy tours!

  • Music City Rollin' Jamboree - Jessie and Jenny are your tour guides, while the talented Devon Heath rocks it on his guitar. They have a very musical tour that'll keep you singing long after you get off their bus!

  • Tommy's Tours - Tommy's great for seeing the country stars homes (especially the walls around their homes).

  • Really Entertaining Tours - If you're a couple or threesome, hitch a ride or take a tour in Ryan's pedicab...he's smart (and adorable). (He also does great pub crawl tours for bachelorette parties!)

  • Nashville Pedal Tavern - If you wanna drink and drive, this is the only way to go. Great for bachelorette parties, but get an Uber after, or you'll get arrested.

Favorite Philanthropic Stuff

  • Support Nashville in Harmony. Our beloved NashTrash manager Beth sings high Soprano in Nashville's only LGBT&Friends community chorus! They put on great shows a few times a year, so catch 'em when you can.

  • Be an organ donor. Our fantastically talented pal Gregory Moore was given a second chance at life, thanks to the kind person who donated his new heart.

  • Support Nashville CARES. HIV is still an epidemic, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Help put an end to this disease forever!

  • Support your local Humane Society. Because who doesn't love kittens & puppies?

Favorite Other Stuff

Did y'all know there are more Jugg Sisters? (Not thespians like ourselves, but still good folks.) If you're up in the Sioux Falls, SD area, get on Facebook and "like" Premier Produce, owned by our sister Sandy. It's a family-run business with over 40 years experience growing fresh market vegetables. They deliver weekly produce boxes to individuals, and companies can use their "Farmer's Market at Work" program, where employees can order a box of fresh produce delivered weekly to their workplace. Check 'em out!